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Wertschätzung für Mitarbeiter, Kunden und Geschäftspartner. Ein Produkt der Online Event Box.
Wertschätzung für Mitarbeiter, Kunden und Geschäftspartner. Ein Produkt der Online Event Box.
Wertschätzung für Mitarbeiter, Kunden und Geschäftspartner. Ein Produkt der Online Event Box.

Event Tips Seminar Box


Event Tips for the Seminar Box

Don’t just share more than your screen with our online event boxes –

inspire your participants with one of our unique event tips!


Before your online seminar, you received your seminar boxes and unpacked nibbles, cold brew black coffee and other delicacies (and maybe some of them were already missing). Now you go one better and knock your seminar participants off with a very special surprise.


During the seminar break, a fitness guru suddenly appears on the screen and animates the entire round to kick and fidget – movement is also good for the head.


Or you were just wondering how you can tackle this one tricky problem when a keynote speaker suddenly switches on and prepares the way for the solution with his keynote speech.


Increases the concentration and motivation of all seminar participants to a maximum – boredom stays out!


Everything is possible – with our event tips!

Keynote Speaker

Sometimes it takes a bit more expert know-how to give a seminar the technical finishing touch. If you don’t want to do without live lectures even in times of social distance, we have the right keynote speaker for almost every topic. With valuable impulses for your seminar content, he turns your online event into an unforgettable experience. Of course, he or she will then be available to answer your burning questions.

Active break

When you are almost overgrown with the office chair, the active break helps you to bring life back to your tired limbs. A professional fitness trainer gets your body going and the overheated head back to a level with which you can continue to work.

Branded break room

What creates more team feeling than the good old gossip in the office kitchen? The good old gossip-and-gossip chatter in your digital, branded break room! Meet during the seminar break for a cozy chat in a chat room in CI design or in the look of a video game – only your favorite colleagues have access 😉

Live health advice

If you have to spend the long day in online seminars, your back will soon miss a painful memo. Prevent together and let a health expert tell you the best tips and tricks for a healthy back.

Are you ready for a top class online seminar? Then let us know quickly what you want! We will contact you and clarify all details together.

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