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Share more than just a square on a screen with our online-event boxes – Inspire your participants with our unique event-tips!

Before getting started with your online-seminar, you’ll receive your seminar boxes with all the snacks, cold brew black coffee, and other delicacies and unbox together (maybe you’ll already have consumed one thing or another). Raise the stakes even more and knock everyone off their feet with an additional, very special surprise.

During break-time, have a fitness-guru show up on screen unexpectedly, animating everyone to a round of shimmying and shaking – exercise is good for the brain, right?

Or just a moment ago you were wondering how to solve this particularly difficult problem. Then, in steps a keynote speaker on screen, smoothing the way towards a solution with their speech.

Boost every participant’s concentration and motivation to a maximum – leaving boredom outside the door!


Everything is possible – with our event-tips!

Keynote Speaker

Sometimes you need a little expert know-how to give your seminar the final professional touch. Not wanting to miss out on live lectures in times of social distancing, we can provide you with a keynote speaker for almost any topic. With valuable impulses regarding your seminar topic, they’ll make your online-event simply unforgettable. Afterwards, they’ll of course answer each and every burning question.

Active break

Almost growing roots into your office chair? An active break will do wonders to bring some life back into tired limbs. A professional fitness coach brings your bodies back in motion and your overheated brains back to a concentrated, productive work level.

Break room branding

Is there anything that lifts team spirit more than a good old chat and some good-hearted gossiping in the tea kitchen? The good old chat and some good-hearted gossiping in your digital, branded break room! Get together for a relaxed gab in your seminar breaks in a chatroom with your CI or with the look and feel of a video game – access for your favorite colleagues only!

Live health consultation

Spending the whole long day in online-seminars will leave you with a sore back for sure. Take preventive measures together by having a live health coach consult you on the best practical tips and tricks for a healthy back.

CI Painting

Boring flipcharts and rigid presentations were yesterday. With our CI Painting, you can discover your inner artist within your own four walls. Let us give you virtual practical tips. Afterwards, we will combine your individual images into an incomparable work of art.

Are you ready for a world class online-seminar? Let us know quickly what you’re looking for. We’ll get in touch and figure out the details together.

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