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Online Event Box

How it works

Step 1:

You agree on a time for a virtual get-together with your team or customers. We use digital conference technology to connect all participants to an online happening in the home office.

Step 2:

Every participant receives an online event box with drinks and snacks. This also includes instructions for participating in your online event.

Step 3:

We take care of the complete implementation from technology to event box – of course, this also includes the complete logistics and shipping.

Have a look at our FAQ.

The online event box is a product of MIAS DIAS Event GmbH & Co. KG, professionals in events, promotions and artist booking. Even if we like to plan online events, we are still there for you for live events!

Regardless of whether you have any questions about the online event box or would like more information about digital events: please contact us!

Online Event Box