Individual Box



    You would love to create a unique, individual online-event box? Fire away! According to your wishes, we'll prepare an individual offer perfectly matching your participants. Not finding what you’re looking for in our selection? Not a problem at all! These are all merely suggestions, and we’re looking forward to your ideas!

    Which specifics are important to you?

    Non-alcoholicextraordinaryorganictraditional productscompany brand on packagingsustainable packagingnoveltiesnut-freeregionalveganother

    FOOD: Click here for products that are important to include in your online-event box

    candy/lollipopscrispscornflakes/cerealcrackersespresso-chocolate-barsspicesgummy bearschewing gumbiscuitscakes in a jargranolanachosnut barsnut mixpopcornchocolateswafflesother

    DRINKS: which products would you like to include in your online-event box?

    apple fizzbeerbeer (non-alcoholic)champagnecold brew coffeegreen smoothielemonadeorange juiceproseccored wineteawaterwhite wineother

    HIGHLIGHTS: Which surprise items are important to include in your online-event box?

    to-go mugsdisinfectantinvitation card with company's CIbottle opener (branded)voucherapron (branded)mouth/nose protection (branded)premium sowing seedsseminar documents (branded)fun items (e. g. party glasses)mugs (branded)other

    The online event box is a product of MIAS DIAS Event GmbH & Co. KG, professionals in events, promotions and artist booking. Even if we like to plan online events, we are still there for you for live events!

    No matter whether you have questions about online-event boxes or need any additional information regarding digital events, feel free to contact us anytime!