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Virtual Events

Let´s go online

Enjoy the freedom with virtual events!

Genieße die Freiheit mit virtuellen Events!



Only a few years ago it was clear: if you are planning an event, you first need an event location where people can meet. These times are over: virtual events are the future!


Today, event visitors no longer have to sit in the same room to attend an event. You know this from video conferences or webinars. But large events such as trade fairs or congresses also find space in the virtual room. Take the chance to reach a worldwide audience for your online event.


As event professionals, we ensure that your event is unforgettable. We combine our many years of experience with the professional know-how with which we skilfully stage virtual events

  • We plan big and in detail – for a smooth running of your virtual event.
  • We do not rest on the established, but reinvent every virtual event – individually tailored to your needs.
  • Virtual rooms, breathtaking animations and high-resolution 3D environments create a unique feeling in the middle.
  • Your speakers move through our animated 3D environments as if they were real.
  • Superimposed presentations and brandings merge on the virtual projection surface into a breathtaking visual experience.
  • Push the boundaries of every event location – there are no “too many spectators”!
  • On request, we can let the audience actively participate in your virtual event – including a Q&A session and voting tools.

We know all the hurdles that technology has at hand and skilfully ignore them. Crackling, humming, noise and freeze are unknown to our vocabulary. We ensure excellent audio and video quality.


Depending on the security level, we transmit with a latency of 2 to 8 seconds. This guarantees attention and interaction.


We only broadcast your virtual event in real time to where it should be seen. Our highly encrypted stream ensures that only your desired audience has access.


Let’s develop impressive virtual events together, in which your audience feels like a gigantic event hall or an exclusive conference hall in front of the screens. State-of-the-art digital content gives the impression of being right in the middle instead of being there live.


The online event box is a product of MIAS DIAS Event GmbH & Co. KG, professionals in events, promotions and artist booking. Even if we like to plan online events, we are still there for you for live events!

Regardless of whether you have any questions about the online event box or would like more information about digital events: please contact us!


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